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Senior Integrated Producer at KesselsKramer

Campaign asset toolkit for LOTTO

For Lotto SS19 I produced their brand toolkit with Photography, GIFs and ad templates for localisation to different markets.

Photography: Em Cole

More on the project HERE


How to create and launch a lifestyle sub-brand for Lotto, the Italian sportsbrand.


Show that every way you move in daily life can be a sport.

LIFE’S takes Lotto’s credible sports knowledge and brings it into a new world of active leisurewear to cater for the growing informality of life. Rather than separating sport from life, Lotto LIFE’S recognizes that that there is a merger between the two. To some, sport is their life. But to many more, there is the opportunity to realize that life feels better when it has the same activity, passion and feel good factor associated with sport. So, Lotto is issuing a rallying cry to all: let’s take the sporting mentality and set it loose into life. By harnessing sport’s best qualities, even the more mundane or frustrating things you do day to day have the potential to be more pleasurable. You don’t need to embrace life with the intensity of a running race.But if you approach it with the optimistic, free spirit associated with sport, life will reward you in return.

Life’s for Living.


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