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Integrated Producer at KesselsKramer

Three short videos to introduce their recycled bottle, produced in-house at KesselsKramer.

Brand key visuals


Cleaning isn’t a competition, but nature has a good chance of winning over toxic chemicals. How do we make the average supermarket consumer see the advantages of nature-based science in creating effective and non-polluting cleaning products?


By introducing the theme ‘Get nature on your side’ we show the audience that loyalty to nature is rewarding; if you use nature-friendly cleaning products, nature thrives and so do we.


We worked together with French artist, Sandrine Boulet, to bring this philosophy to life with anthropomorphised ducks, trees, and mops. The campaign appears on redesigned packaging, as well as in digital formats and other media all across Europe.

More information on the project HERE

Director: Peter Boonstra


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