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Senior Integrated Producer at KesselsKramer

Brand toolkit for the SS20, F20 Trade and F20 Travel campaigns.

A combination of campaign guidelines and assets, photography, key visual and 2 videos including various crops and cut-downs. Shot during 2 days in Kiev


The brand has been a household name for decades, enjoying a well-earned reputation for high-quality products at a fair price. But Eastpak’s communication had become generic in recent years, missing its outspoken voice it once had in the past. How can we inject the brand with some personality and reinvent their iconic statement Built to Resist?

SOLUTION We chose to shift the statement to reflect a consumer mindset, instead of the product benefit it always was. We decided to give the brand personality more colour by finding shared acts of resistance together with Eastpak’s audience.

In a world of conformity, it’s the small daily acts of positive resistance that defines and unites people. This was the driving truth behind the campaign, which revolved around showing all kinds of small acts of rebellion that together created one large scene of positive resistance.

Production Company - Mr.Frank

Service Production Company - Limelite (Ukraine)

More on the project HERE


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