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Project management for KesselsKramer


When Timberland opened their first EMEA flagship store on Carnaby Street, they wanted to build a community around the concept, Nature Needs Heroes and sustainability.

So how, when you’re in the heart of one of Europe’s biggest cities, do you help customers reconnect with nature in a way that drives repeat customers and meaningful engagement?


KesselsKramer, alongside a group of local artists and designers created a rolling programme of nature-related installations and workshops that brought the spirit of Flower Power days back to Carnaby Street. Artists, makers and nature-lovers inspired Londoners to find space in their lives for nature, through activities that celebrated the missions of London National Park City. Prints, aligned with the theme of each show, and only available while the show was on, encouraged the public to come back to the store to purchase prints and buy gear.


Francesca Tiley

Caroline Byrne


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