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Integrated Producer at KesselsKramer

Sibarth Social and Collateral production


Sibarth Villa Rentals are the only villa rental company to call St. Barth home. They care deeply about the island’s culture and history and natural environment. Following a refurbishment of their office in Gustavia they asked KesselsKramer to help refresh their brand across the island.

So, on an island that’s becoming increasingly developed, how do we help them reconnect with the history and natural environment without losing the sense of luxury, their customers expect.


For their new office we created signage for the space, a gold logo to sit above the door and bespoke tiles which told the history of the building. Artworks were also created for the office windows using vintage family photos, highlighting their history on the island.

We created an island map that focuses on the history and natural environment of the island. The map was illustrated by Cassandre Montoriol and features historic points and native wildlife alongside island oddities like rumoured buried treasure and the local nudist beach.

As Sibarth is committed to preserving our natural environment, we printed the map on a paper made from algal blooms from the Venice lagoon that if left, would damage marine ecosystems. In keeping with this we also designed and produced a postcard, and water bottle that are 100% Recyclable & 98% Landfill Biodegradable.


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