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Senior Integrated Producer at KesselsKramer

Stop motion campaign video and stills for Naturalis at KesselsKramer.

Photography and Video by Niels Hoebers


In 2020 the Museum of Naturalis exists 200 years. 2020 is thus a year of festivities: the anniversary is celebrated with a special exhibition, a book, a conference and many other events. With so many things happening, Naturalis needs a campaign to ‘tie’ all different events together.


To properly unite all moments of celebration, we used a red thread to–quite literally–tie it all together. This red line is an illustrative element that links all events and anniversary elements together, while also placing the central exhibition celebrating 200 years of collecting in the spotlights. It appears on the website, in the museum, and in the TV commercial.


In the central TV commercial that announces the main exhibition celebrating the anniversary, the red thread leads to a red cloth that reveals four of the 200 masterpieces from the collection (that consists of about 4.200.000 objects) in honour of 200 years of collecting. Snippets of the TVC are also used as shorts on social media and as Youtube prerolls.


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