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Two TV commercials produced at KesselsKramer together with director Michiel ten Horn, known internationally for his Netflix series Ares.

Featuring are four of our famous movie stars Nasrdin Dchar, Jan Kooijman, Thekla Reuten and Robert de Hoog.

PROBLEM The Covid-19 pandemic brought a lot of industries to a halt, and cinemas were not spared. Now that the lockdown in the Netherlands is relieved, new movies are released and cinemas are reopening, only one thing is missing in Dutch cinemas: visitors looking to swap their living rooms for the soft plush of the cinema.

SOLUTION To invite Dutch cinephiles back into their natural habitat, the campaign highlights the pains of home cinema, making the real thing all the more appealing: (


The campaign, consisting of two (cinema and TV) commercials, a social campaign and a website, shows some of the Netherlands’ most famous actors in the middle of their scenes, when they are abruptly disturbed in their play by an incoming drone or the downstairs neighbours’ barbecue smoke. The underlying message is clear: only in cinemas, you get to experience a movie to the fullest.


Agency: KesselsKramer

Production: Since ‘88

Director: Michiel ten Horn

DOP: Robbie van Brussel

Editor: Leon Noordzij

VFX: Becanti Wijnbergh

Music & Sound Design: Yellowbloom

Grading: Erik @ De Grot

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