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Integrated Producer at KesselsKramer

Brandbook and assets for Floriade 2022

For the Floriade 2022 I worked on a brand toolkit for them to use between 2018 and 2022

Part of it was an animation and illustrations, but also the website and a logo suite with increasingly more green versions of the logo.

Floriade is a world exposition taking place every 10 years. Its goal is to celebrate innovations in the horticultural sector. For its 2022 iteration, the Floriade takes place on an unprecedented scale: under the theme Green City, the Dutch city of Almere will be transformed into a new sustainable town. For the Floriade initiative, KesselsKramer developed a motion graphics animated film, as well as branding and advertising.


To support Floriade Almere 2022, KesselsKramer developed a comprehensive brand book. In keeping with the Floriade, the book isn’t printed but takes the form of a more sustainable USB stick. On opening, the book separates into a pile of smaller interactive books, each highlighting another aspect of the brand. It contains inspiration and examples of design, tone and style of communication. Visually-driven, packed with photography and illustrations, it shares all aspects of communication with the user — including a logo that transforms over time, becoming greener and greener. In total, this book is a vital cornerstone in the story of the Floriade world expo.

Animator: Bas Mooy

More information on the project HERE


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