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Integrated Producer at KesselsKramer

Until 2016, the focus of the tax office’s campaign was on making sure tax returns were sent out on time. Since then, however, the Dutch Tax Office started pre-filling declarations as much as possible. The danger was that taxpayers would assume the information is correct and complete. So the focus of the campaign shifted to check that all is in order. By presenting this as a service that helps the taxpayer, it is easier to ask for something in return.

In the second phase of the campaign, nearer to the return deadline, the message shifted towards ‘on time,’ using the behavioural strategy of soft social pressure. The result: more people than ever sent their tax return in on time. 350,000 (4%) above the objective and 450,000 more than the year before, with similar results in awareness and attitude. (Data on ‘correct and complete’ unavailable due to complexity of the data. )


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