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Senior Integrated Producer at KesselsKramer

KK OUTLET is the critically acclaimed gallery & design store run by KesselsKramer in London since 2008.

The Outlet hosted over 131 exhibitions and events showcasing the most exciting, emerging artists outside the traditional gallery and commercial realm.

It was this curatorial experience that caught the eye of iconic skateboard brand, Vans, as they opened their new boutique concept store in London’s Covent Garden.

KK Outlet took over for a 3 month residency in the lower ground floor of the store, with the aim of bringing the arts community to a new audience in central London.

KesselsKramer created the gallery space from scratch, and communicated the shows through PR, digital and social, as well as associated events such as Meal Ticket (a 3 course dinner with 3 speakers) and artist workshops.

Each month came with a different theme and group of artists

Everyday Play:

11 international artists – including Put Put, Daniel Eatock, Dr Me, Clifford Jago and Gab Bois – were asked to look at everyday objects in a new way.

Over the Wall:

In an age of divisiveness, this exhibition celebrates partnerships and the collaborative spirit. 12 pairs of British and European artists teamed up for the first time to create new artworks. Pairings included: Pinar & Viola x Mark Titchner, Isabel & Helen x Jordy and Sandrine Boulet x Martin Parr.

The final month in the residency saw the gallery’s favourite collaborators from past and present donate a piece of ‘failed’ art. Proceeds from sales went to UK homeless charity, Shelter. The show featured works by the likes of Luke Stephenson, Erik Kessels, Johan Kramer, Anthony Burrill, Mr Bingo, Mike Perry and Bompass & Parr. Photographs, prints and illustrations that had been scrawled over, misprinted or misconstrued were all proudly on display.


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