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For the NFF (Dutch Film Festival) campaign 2014 the aim was to bring the audience closer to the films. Part of the project was a set of photos to be used for OOH where Dutch actors posed with their fans.

Along with the campaign I produced a campaign site where people could do karaoke along with their favourite film scenes, upload their videos. People could vote and the most populair videos could win tickets to see films at the festival.

During the festival people could record videos at a special karaoke booth.

Working from just an idea it was an interesting project to bring it to live, working closely with a technical team and developer, within the budget restrictions we had.

The Dutch Film Festival is about connections: between filmmakers and their audience, fans and actors, directors and critics… but also between world views and cultures. The Dutch Film Festival — like the Netherlands — is more diverse than ever, and this year we’re celebrating that diversity. After all, the Dutch Film Festival is for all Dutch Film lovers.

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